Side A
1. Macrame (J. Sharps) 20:25
Side B
1. Future (A. Blythe and S.Crouch) 12:10
2. Niossessprahs (S.Matteen) 16:13
Side C
1. Village Dance (S. Matteen) 26:13
Side D
1. L.T.T. (H. Tapscott) 14:50
2. Desert Fairy Princess (J. Sharps) 11:00
3. Dift Every Voice (J.W. Johnson and J.R. Johnson) 1:58 

Each Side of this double LP set contains different artists. Please E-mail us with any questions about specific artists on this collection.

Producer: Tom Albach
Co-Produced: Horace Tapscott, U.G.M.A.A. Foundation
Engineer: Bruce Bidlack